Episode 54 – Continuity Gravy w/ Ta-Nehisi Coates

Welcome to a very special episode of ComicNoobs! This week we talk about issues 5 and 6 of Black Panther, we see T’Challa make some questionable decisions, then phone in a little help from his friends when things go awry. We see the power of YouTube in the Marvel Universe and we get a brief cameo via Avengers Skype. We also have an interview with the (best-selling) writer of Black Panther: Ta-Nehisi Coates! We talk about the state of Wakanda in Marvel comics, some of the behind-the-scenes on this book and others, and plenty more! It’s an awesome interview so don’t miss it!

Covered this episode:
Black Panther #5 – 01:20
Black Panther #6 – 17:17
Interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates – 35:03

Episode 53 – Hulk Gives No F**ks

Welcome to part 2 of our Planet Hulk coverage! This week the stakes are raised for the Hulk as he leads a revolution against the Red King, and we learn the origins of some of the main characters! Miek levels up, Hulk has a weird sexual tension with the leader of the Red King’s army. Also, Big News! We’ve joined the Geeks World Wide network! You should definitely check it out at www.thegww.com and follow them ontwittertwitter.com/the_gww ! Don’t miss this awesome episode!

Comics Covered:
Incredible Hulk v2 #96 – 01:31
Incredible Hulk v2 #97 – 18:30
Incredible Hulk v2 #98 – 31:24
Incredible Hulk v2 #99 – 45:50

Episode 52 – Hulk, Smashed

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! Due to a ridiculous number of delays on Civil War II (who could have seen it coming?), we’re going to be switching gears and covering the classic Incredible Hulk run, PLANET HULK. In the first arc, covering issues 92-95 of The Incredible Hulk volume 2, Bruce Banner is betrayed by his friends and shot into the far reaches of space, only to land on a savage planet to re-enact the Russel Crowe movie, Gladiator, except in space!
Issues Covered:
The Incredible Hulk v2 #92 – 01:45
The Incredible Hulk v2 #93 – 17:47
The Incredible Hulk v2 #94 – 35:11
The Incredible Hulk v2 #95 – 45:41

Episode 51 – The Miss America Solution

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! This week we get back into Civil War II with spotlights on the trial of Hawkeye (THE ACCUSED) the aftermath of the death of the Incredible Hulk (THE FALLEN). We have another round of Who Would Win, this week it’s Magneto vs Green Lantern! We also talk about Al Ewing’s The Ultimates, in which the team starts to resolve some… ideological differences. Don’t miss this episode!

Comics Covered:
Civil War II: The Accused #1 – 01:26
Civil War II: The Fallen #1 – 17:22
Who Would Win: Magneto vs Green Lantern – 32:02
The Ultimates #10 – 48:14


WE’RE A WHOLE YEAR OLD! We’ve got a very special episode to celebrate our first year! We talk about the best of the ComicNoobs show, ask Sobie how it feels to be a comic-geek for a whole year, talk about our favorite comics we’ve covered on the show, and talk all about comic book movies. We also have a lightning round with Steve the producer, and give our thoughts on the state of DC’s Rebirth and the Post-Secret-Wars Marvel Universe and more!

Episode 49: Crossing the A**hole Line

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! This week, we jump back into Civil War II as Marvel’s summer event heats up! We cover the first two issues of the X-Men tie-in book that pits Storm’s Extraordinary X-Men against Magneto’s Uncanny X-Men. The teams are divided by the question of the Inhumans; Are they enemies? Will Ulysses be used against the mutants? Can the X-Men afford to wait and find out? Find out in this episode! After that, we have another Who Would Win debate, as James Gavsie joins me to argue Black Panther vs Bane, featuring special guest moderator Dexter Arnold of the “Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics” Podcast (link below)! Finally, we get to Civil War II issue #4. Captain Marvel has the support of SHIELD, The Ultimates, and the Inhumans as she expands the reach and scope of her program to use the Inhuman Ulysses to prevent threats before they manifest. Unfortunately, this time, many heroes think she’s gone too far. Iron-Man’s attempts to de-escalate seem futile, and it looks like the heroes will go to war once again! See what happens in this week’s episode of ComicNoobs!

Comics Covered:

Civil War II – X-Men #1 (01:32)
Civil War II – X-Men #2 (15:42)
Who Would Win? Black Panther vs Bane (29:59)
Civil War II #4 (45:22)

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Episode 48 – Panther Season

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! Due to delays in shipping Civil War II, we find ourselves in need of a new story, so we’re covering one of the best of Marvel’s new line, BLACK PANTHER! We cover the first four issues of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ first run at comics. It’s an amazing blend of superhero, espionage, war, and psychological stories that combines with some of the most killer art either of us has ever seen! We also have James Gavsie back on the show for another WHO WOULD WIN debate, this time it’s Luke Cage vs. King Shark!

Comics Covered:
Black Panther #1 – 01:30
Black Panther #2 – 20:41
Luke Cage vs. King Shark Debate – 33:24
Black Panther #3 – 49:55
Black Panther #4 – 59:30

Episode 47 – Cartooning Wrong

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! This week, we cover the classic Harley Quinn comic, Batman Adventures: Mad Love, written and drawn by the creators of Batman: The Animated Series! This book was pretty long, so we split it in two to cover, and had our… least productive hero debate with James Gavsie. This one is Daredevil vs. Nightwing! James also weighs in on the DCEU and Suicide Squad review controversy, and after we finish covering Mad Love, Sobie gives us his review of Suicide Squad! Check it out!

Topics covered:

Batman Adventures: Mad Love (1st half) – 01:40
Who Would Win: Daredevil vs Nightwing – 28:27
Batman Adventures: Mad Love (2nd half) – 42:10
Suicide Squad Review by Sobie – 1:01:38

Episode 46 – The Pie Incident

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! This week, we were going to take a break from Civil War to cover some classic Suicide Squad, but the arc we chose was so terrible that we actually just gave up on it after one issue (01:33). After that we bring in the awesome James Gavsie for another Who Would Win debate, this time between Iron Man and Cyborg (17:16). Listen to find out who wins, and also to hear some drama go down between ya boi Sobie and James! After that we begin talk a bit of Apocalypse Wars, as we jump into Extraordinary X-Men #8(28:47), as the mutants get tossed into the future and fight the unforgettable Sugar Man. Next we continue with Extraordinary X-Men #9 (48:59) to find out everything that went down after the young X-Men got stranded in the future! Don’t miss this episode!

Issues Covered:

Suicide Squad #37 – 01:33
Who Would Win: Iron Man v Cyborg – 17:16
Extraordinary X-Men #8 – 28:47
Extraordinary X-Men #9 – 48:59