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GUEST POST: Rogue’s Powers Are So Weird & She Terrifies Me


This is a guest post by the amazing Beatrice “Bee” of JazzHandsComics, which is an awesome Tumblr blog full of comics related bad-assery. We were having a discussion on twitter (go follow her @jazzhandscomics !) about whether Rogue of the X-Men could absorb One-Punch Man’s powers. Apparently, she put a lot more thought in than I did.

Let’s begin with the fact that I’m not SUPER familiar with One Punch Man, but I’m very, very familiar with the X-Men.

So, at the question of whether or not Rogue would be able to absorb Saitama’s “powers”, I started researching two main points:

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DC Fans Are Being Held Hostage


DC Fans are being held hostage. It’s a sad state of affairs, to be sure, but it’s happening, and it’s very real. Should we be concerned? Yes. Definitely. Is there a way out? Not that I can see. Who is perpetrating this massive crime? The answer, unfortunately, is DC Fans.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was released this past weekend to huge sales numbers, abysmal critical reception, and massive online controversy. Continue reading DC Fans Are Being Held Hostage