As Mentioned in Episode 8 – The Notorious M.O.D.O.K.


Episode 8 – The Notorious M.O.D.O.K.

Episode 8 of ComicNoobs is LIVE! We have yet another awesome issue for you, with all sorts of intrigue, sentinels, robot versions of X-men, and all sorts of other fun stuff. We start with Christopher Yost’s MODOK Assassin #1 and #2, where we get to hang out with MODOK (who we met in episode 1) while he kills his way through Killville (as seen in episode 5). Then we return to the Gamma infested Greenland with Sam Humphries’ Planet Hulk #4, featuring Captain America and Devil Dinosaur, and we also read Sam Humphries’ StarLord and Kitty Pryde #2! Finally, we have a special Flashback issue with Amazing Spider-Man #129, which has the first appearance of the Punisher!

Episode 7 – She-Hulkamania!

Welcome to Episode 7 of ComicNoobs! This is a great episode packed with awesome characters and great comics! We continue our coverage of Old Man Logan, as he fights his way through the Deadlands of Battleworld as the most kickass AARP member ever to cash a social security check in Old Man Logan #4. We also start a new Secret Wars tie-in, A-Force! This awesome team of Super-Heroines kick ass and take names as their domain is threatened by monsters from throughout Battleworld! We also head back to the land of the Hulks in Planet Hulk #3, as Barbarian Captain America and his trusty Tyrannosaur try to save Bucky Barnes!
Intro’d in this episode are She-Hulk, Dazzler, Ms. America, Atlantians, Medusa, Sentinels, and Battleworld’s version of Manhattan!

Episode 6 – Avengers Vegas Vacation

Hi Everyone! Welcome to episode 6 of ComicNoobs! In this episode we return to Battleworld’s Inferno to find out about Boom-Boom’s fate and Mr. Sinister’s master plan, and set up the final issue of this mini-series. Then we go to Planet Hulk, another Battleworld domain where everyone is Hulk. There are Green Hulks and Red Hulks and Hulk Plants and also Captain America rides a dinosaur! And for our flashback issue, we go all the way back to Avengers vol. 5 Issue #11, in which the Avengers go out gambling! Also, a quick update, you can now listen to the show on iTunes as well as Stitcher and Soundcloud!

The DC vs Marvel Debate! via The Comics and Coffee Podcast

Hey everyone! This past Friday I participated as Team Marvel in a nerd-debate on the Comics and Coffee Podcast! Our hostess, Phoenix Da Nerdette (@da_nerdette) was excellent, and so was my opponent, Cthulhu’s Prodigy (@cthulhusprodigy) of the Blacker than Black Times Infinity podcast representing Team DC. It was a lot of fun, super geeky, and very informative about both companies! Check it out by CLICKING HERE!!!


Episode 5 and a Half – Where’s Wolvie?

Welcome to a special episode of ComicNoobs! This week Sobie, Steve and Kevin break down the many new titles that Marvel will be releasing under their “All-New All-Different” line in the next few months. We’re a bit off on the dates, because Marvel has had some delays shipping their new comics, but the first of the new books will be released on October 7th, including Iron Man and Dr. Strange. Hit us up on Twitter (@comicnoobsshow), Facebook (comic noobs) or email ( with questions about the new titles, to let us know which books you’re most excited about, or to smack talk at us! Enjoy!

A few editor’s notes:

  1. The release dates for several of these comics is incorrect in the podcast, as there were shipping delays we were unaware of.
  2. This week, they announced an ongoing X-Men ’92 title written by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims with art by Alti Firmansyah, and we are SUPER FREAKING PUMPED ABOUT IT!!! Check it out here!
  3. The controversy surrounding the Red Wolf title is a result of the the alleged history of the writer Nathan Edmonson, not around the race of the writer. I apologize for this mistake.
  4. Also, there’s a new Moon Knight title coming out that was announced since the recording. I’m also pretty pumped Moon Knight is coming back. For anyone not familiar with Moon-Knight, he is Marvel’s Batman.