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Episode 5 – The Doctor Strange Memorial Episode!

In this episode, we cover Secret Wars #5, in which God-Emperor Doom holds a memorial for his good friend Stephen Strange, who was brutally murdered by God-Emperor Doom. In honor of this, Sobie and Kevin decide to have their own Dr. Strange Memorial, featuring Dr. Strange’s Origin Story, in addition to his epic battle with THE DREAD DORMAMMU in Strange Tales #126 and #127. We also get a bonus Human Torch comic, as well as continue our coverage of Old Man Logan #3, which is just as awesome as the first two issues. Enjoy!

Episode 4 – Marvel Vice

Episode Four of the ComicNoobs Podcast! In this episode, Kevin and Sobie take a break from the main Secret Wars title to check out a few of the tie-in books from this event. We cover Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1, in which we get some creepy Gambit and Disney Star-Lord, as well as the best version ever of Drax. We also cover Old Man Logan #1 & #2, which is so incredible I’m not even going to make fun of it. Also in this episode, Steve the producer makes some helpful but completely UNAUTHORIZED editors’ notes, and we also cover Secret Wars: Journal #2 which features Marvel’s version of Miami Vice and the creepiest and most creative use of Daredevil’s powers ever!

Episode 3 – Baby Cable & the Dark Realm of Canada

Welcome to Episode 3! In this episode, we talk about Secret Wars #4, Secret Wars Inferno #2 and #3, and The Incredible Hulk #181 from 1974! There are some seriously awesome comics this week, in which Star-Lord does NOT smoke pot, we meet an Alien-Demon-BAMF-Dragons, a baby version of a 90s X-Men star, and the world’s first Canadian Super-Hero! And believe me, Marvel Canada needs it!