BonusCast #18 – The Future of the DCEU w/ Jermaine Dickerson

On this week’s BonusCast, Jermaine Dickerson of the We Are Blackboard Podcast joins me to talk Wonder Woman, Superman, the Flash, and the future of the DCEU!

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[EPISODE CORRECTIONS] This is actually BonusCast 18, I say 17 in the intro. Also, this week’s theme music is actually “Man of Steel: A Dream of Hope Meets Metal”


SobieCast #2 – May Movie Preview

In the second SobieCast, Sobie talks with the tallest movie critic he knows about all of the May movies that will be coming out. Drew and Sobie dish out their thoughts about Captain America: Civil War (4:13), the insane casting in Money Maker (15:55), a movie about a haunted Grand Canyon in The Darkness (20:47), the hopes that Angry Birds is a drama (24:37), if Neighbors 2 is just a Knocked Up sequel (28:06), how Russell Crowe is punching his way back into the industry (35:58), how unnecessary the new Alice Through the Looking Glass movie is (42:15), all of the small indie type movies coming to bigger theaters (45:11), and talk about how they are hesitant but hopeful about the new X:Men Apocalypse movie (60:00). Other references in this episode include: The Beaver, Inside Stuff, Lizzie Maguire, everything Braceface, a heated debate about breakfast cereals, the joys of making fun of kitty litter spokeswoman Katherine Heigl, LL Cool J performing ‘Doin It’ on the VMAs, #bootyjams, and Jude Law’s promiscuity. Enjoy episode 2!

Episode 32 – Oh Sh*t It’s Thor

Welcome to the 2nd part of our coverage of Marvel’s Civil War! This week things start to get even more intense as battle lines are drawn, heroes choose sides, and the confrontation heats up as the first major battle between Team Cap and Team Iron Man goes down. We also take some time to lighten the mood with issue #1 of Mockingbird that came out this year! Don’t miss this episode!

Issues covered:
Civil War #3 (2006)
Civil War #4 (2007)
Mockingbird #1 (2016)

SobieCast Ep 1 Part 1: Is Meereen Basically Florida?

Welcome to the very first SobieCast! We decided to give Sobie his own show and hope that he doesn’t wreck our main show in the process. This week Sobie talks about the new season of Game of Thrones with his guest Stephanie Persephone. There was so much material we broke it into two parts. In the first part they talk about what our friends across Westeros and Essos are up to and hopes and predictions for the new season including some book talk. Guest stars this week include: Stephanie’s cat Hermione, Steph’s loud neighbors, a flock of Canadian geese, Nature, and an Earring that Sobie wouldn’t stop playing with. Also referenced in this episode: The Addams Family, Deadwood, West Virginia, Honest Trailers, Weezer, and Dothraki Retirement Homes. Enjoy the first part of the first SobieCast!!

Episode 31 – A War of Heroes

Welcome to episode 31 of ComicNoobs! This week we take on the first two issues of the event that defined a decade, Marvel’s CIVIL WAR! We go in depth in to the issues surrounding this event, who is on which side and what each side is representing! We also go into how the comic event relates to the upcoming movie: Captain America Civil War. We talk about the ethical issues of super-human registration, big explosions, and a whole lot more! Don’t miss this important episode!

BonusCast #17 – The Trailer Park w/ Tony Southcotte


Welcome to a trailer filled BonusCast for ComicNoobs! This week Tony Southcotte joins me to talk about a bunch of new trailers that we saw this week: Suicide Squad, Swiss Army Man, Doctor Strange, The Guardians, and Green Room! Check it out!

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