Episode 46 – The Pie Incident

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! This week, we were going to take a break from Civil War to cover some classic Suicide Squad, but the arc we chose was so terrible that we actually just gave up on it after one issue (01:33). After that we bring in the awesome James Gavsie for another Who Would Win debate, this time between Iron Man and Cyborg (17:16). Listen to find out who wins, and also to hear some drama go down between ya boi Sobie and James! After that we begin talk a bit of Apocalypse Wars, as we jump into Extraordinary X-Men #8(28:47), as the mutants get tossed into the future and fight the unforgettable Sugar Man. Next we continue with Extraordinary X-Men #9 (48:59) to find out everything that went down after the young X-Men got stranded in the future! Don’t miss this episode!

Issues Covered:

Suicide Squad #37 – 01:33
Who Would Win: Iron Man v Cyborg – 17:16
Extraordinary X-Men #8 – 28:47
Extraordinary X-Men #9 – 48:59


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