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BonusCast #22 – The Big Sheep, An Interview with Robert Kroese

Welcome to this very special bonuscast, featuring and interview with Sci-Fi author Robert Kroese! We talk about Robert’s new novel, The Big Sheep, inspiration for writing, writing comedy, and writing different genres! Don’t miss this awesome interview!


BonusCast #18 – The Future of the DCEU w/ Jermaine Dickerson

On this week’s BonusCast, Jermaine Dickerson of the We Are Blackboard Podcast joins me to talk Wonder Woman, Superman, the Flash, and the future of the DCEU!

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[EPISODE CORRECTIONS] This is actually BonusCast 18, I say 17 in the intro. Also, this week’s theme music is actually “Man of Steel: A Dream of Hope Meets Metal”

BonusCast #17 – The Trailer Park w/ Tony Southcotte


Welcome to a trailer filled BonusCast for ComicNoobs! This week Tony Southcotte joins me to talk about a bunch of new trailers that we saw this week: Suicide Squad, Swiss Army Man, Doctor Strange, The Guardians, and Green Room! Check it out!

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Doctor Strange Trailer

The Guardians Trailer

Suicide Squad Trailer

Swiss Army Man Trailer

Green Room Trailer