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Episode 54 – Continuity Gravy w/ Ta-Nehisi Coates

Welcome to a very special episode of ComicNoobs! This week we talk about issues 5 and 6 of Black Panther, we see T’Challa make some questionable decisions, then phone in a little help from his friends when things go awry. We see the power of YouTube in the Marvel Universe and we get a brief cameo via Avengers Skype. We also have an interview with the (best-selling) writer of Black Panther: Ta-Nehisi Coates! We talk about the state of Wakanda in Marvel comics, some of the behind-the-scenes on this book and others, and plenty more! It’s an awesome interview so don’t miss it!

Covered this episode:
Black Panther #5 – 01:20
Black Panther #6 – 17:17
Interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates – 35:03


Episode 53 – Hulk Gives No F**ks

Welcome to part 2 of our Planet Hulk coverage! This week the stakes are raised for the Hulk as he leads a revolution against the Red King, and we learn the origins of some of the main characters! Miek levels up, Hulk has a weird sexual tension with the leader of the Red King’s army. Also, Big News! We’ve joined the Geeks World Wide network! You should definitely check it out at and follow them ! Don’t miss this awesome episode!

Comics Covered:
Incredible Hulk v2 #96 – 01:31
Incredible Hulk v2 #97 – 18:30
Incredible Hulk v2 #98 – 31:24
Incredible Hulk v2 #99 – 45:50

Episode 52 – Hulk, Smashed

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! Due to a ridiculous number of delays on Civil War II (who could have seen it coming?), we’re going to be switching gears and covering the classic Incredible Hulk run, PLANET HULK. In the first arc, covering issues 92-95 of The Incredible Hulk volume 2, Bruce Banner is betrayed by his friends and shot into the far reaches of space, only to land on a savage planet to re-enact the Russel Crowe movie, Gladiator, except in space!
Issues Covered:
The Incredible Hulk v2 #92 – 01:45
The Incredible Hulk v2 #93 – 17:47
The Incredible Hulk v2 #94 – 35:11
The Incredible Hulk v2 #95 – 45:41

Episode 51 – The Miss America Solution

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! This week we get back into Civil War II with spotlights on the trial of Hawkeye (THE ACCUSED) the aftermath of the death of the Incredible Hulk (THE FALLEN). We have another round of Who Would Win, this week it’s Magneto vs Green Lantern! We also talk about Al Ewing’s The Ultimates, in which the team starts to resolve some… ideological differences. Don’t miss this episode!

Comics Covered:
Civil War II: The Accused #1 – 01:26
Civil War II: The Fallen #1 – 17:22
Who Would Win: Magneto vs Green Lantern – 32:02
The Ultimates #10 – 48:14