Episode 53 – Hulk Gives No F**ks

Welcome to part 2 of our Planet Hulk coverage! This week the stakes are raised for the Hulk as he leads a revolution against the Red King, and we learn the origins of some of the main characters! Miek levels up, Hulk has a weird sexual tension with the leader of the Red King’s army. Also, Big News! We’ve joined the Geeks World Wide network! You should definitely check it out at www.thegww.com and follow them ontwittertwitter.com/the_gww ! Don’t miss this awesome episode!

Comics Covered:
Incredible Hulk v2 #96 – 01:31
Incredible Hulk v2 #97 – 18:30
Incredible Hulk v2 #98 – 31:24
Incredible Hulk v2 #99 – 45:50


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