BonusCast #14: Batman vs Superman – A Justice League Trailer

Kevin and Sobie give their SPOILER-FILLED review of Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice! We liked it, but we think there were a lot of places it could have been better. Enjoy!



BonusCast #7: Ex-Writing with Peter Clines


In this BonusCast, I get to interview one of my favorite novelists, Peter Clines! We talk about comics, writing, superheroes, and his upcoming novel, EX-ISLE, which drops on February 2nd as is going to be f**king awesome! Peter Clines is the author of the amazing EX-HEROES series, as well as the excellent horror novels THE FOLD and 14!

DC Fans Are Being Held Hostage


DC Fans are being held hostage. It’s a sad state of affairs, to be sure, but it’s happening, and it’s very real. Should we be concerned? Yes. Definitely. Is there a way out? Not that I can see. Who is perpetrating this massive crime? The answer, unfortunately, is DC Fans.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was released this past weekend to huge sales numbers, abysmal critical reception, and massive online controversy. Continue reading DC Fans Are Being Held Hostage

Episode 28: Old-Man Batman

Welcome to a special episode of ComicNoobs! This week we shamelessly exploit the BvS hype and switch to DC comics for the week to cover Frank Miller’s classic The Dark Knight Returns! Batman is forced to come out of retirement when Two Face and the savage Mutant Gang begin to terrorize Gotham City! Don’t miss this special episode of ComicNoobs!

Episode 27: No More Mutants

Welcome to episode 27 of ComicNoobs! This week we continue with our coverage of classic Daredevil, as the Kingpin returns to New York to challenge the leaders of the underworld, while Daredevil has to track down Bullseye! We also finally complete our coverage of the 2005 event HOUSE OF M in which the heroes face off against House Magnus, and the aftermath of the Scarlet Witch’s madness is revealed! Don’t miss this HUGE Episode!

Episode 26 – The Devil You Know

This week Kevin is once again out for the week, so Steve and Sobie jump into the Frank Miller’s classic run on The Man Without Fear, Daredevil. We get the first introduction and origin of Elektra Natchios, assassin extraordinaire and Daredevil’s sometimes girlfriend, as well as Bullseye, the merciless killer for hire. The guys also take on Dr. Strange #2 from 2015! Don’t miss this one!