Episode 49: Crossing the A**hole Line

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! This week, we jump back into Civil War II as Marvel’s summer event heats up! We cover the first two issues of the X-Men tie-in book that pits Storm’s Extraordinary X-Men against Magneto’s Uncanny X-Men. The teams are divided by the question of the Inhumans; Are they enemies? Will Ulysses be used against the mutants? Can the X-Men afford to wait and find out? Find out in this episode! After that, we have another Who Would Win debate, as James Gavsie joins me to argue Black Panther vs Bane, featuring special guest moderator Dexter Arnold of the “Let’s Get Drunk and Talk Comics” Podcast (link below)! Finally, we get to Civil War II issue #4. Captain Marvel has the support of SHIELD, The Ultimates, and the Inhumans as she expands the reach and scope of her program to use the Inhuman Ulysses to prevent threats before they manifest. Unfortunately, this time, many heroes think she’s gone too far. Iron-Man’s attempts to de-escalate seem futile, and it looks like the heroes will go to war once again! See what happens in this week’s episode of ComicNoobs!

Comics Covered:

Civil War II – X-Men #1 (01:32)
Civil War II – X-Men #2 (15:42)
Who Would Win? Black Panther vs Bane (29:59)
Civil War II #4 (45:22)

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