Episode 45 – A Flash of Green


Welcome to the third part of our Civil War II coverage! In this episode, we cover Civil War II #2 (01:45) in which Tony Stark goes through the “kidnapping” stage of grief, causing an international incident with the Inhumans. Carol Danvers AKA Captian Marvel attempt find Stark and de-escalate the situation before it turns into an all-out war, but in the end, everyone realizes there’s a more pressing problem. Next, James Gavsie comes back for another bout of Who Would Win, this time we debate Wonder Woman vs The Incredible Hulk (24:46). Finally we talk about the big one: Civil War II #3, in which the trial of Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye for the murder of lifetime member of the Avengers, ___________ (no spoilers in the description I guess?). We get in depth into discussion on this one, as one of the founding members of the Avengers is killed. Carol Danvers and Tony Stark are the star witnesses, and we see which side the law takes in the latest Marvel Civil War! Don’t miss this spectacular episode!

Comics Covered:

Civil War II #2 – 01:45
Civil War II #3 – 35:01
Who Would Win: Hulk v Wonder Woman – 24:46

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Episode 44 – Missile to the Tits

Welcome to another episode of ComicNoobs! This episode we dive into the opening issue of Civil War II, starting with a massive battle against a giant magical earth-invading celestial. We learn more about the future-seeing Inhuman, Ulysses, and see the repercussions of Captain Marvel using his pre-cognition. James Gavsie is back for another round of Who Would Win, this time we debate Punisher vs the Joker. Next we finish up our coverage of the New Avengers Standoff arc, in which a giant, government-controlled Kaiju fights the Avengers’ homemade Jaeger, Bobby DaCosta’s MASTER PLAN for A.I.M. is revealed, and Rick Jones and Hawkeye have a shitty day. Don’t miss all the

Civil War II #1 – 01:15
Who Would Win: Joker v Punisher – 33:10
New Avengers #9 – 42:34
New Avengers #10 – 50:50

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Episode 43 – Civil War REMIX

Welcome to Episode 43 of ComicNoobs! This week, we kick off our coverage of Marvel’s cash gr- I mean, summer event: CIVIL WAR 2! The first issue we cover is Civil War II #0 (3:31), in which the board is set for what is shaping up to be a pretty damn big event. We’re introduced to a new Inhuman who can predict the future, we get a glimpse into what Captain Marvel wants most of all, and we see that She-Hulk really cares about civil liberties (go She-Hulk!). The next issue we cover is the Civil War II FCBD Issue (21:50). In this issue, Rhodey shows up to hang out with the Inhumans and Ultimates just in time to fight Thanos! We also VERY quickly cover the backup story in this one to talk about the new Wasp! Next James Gavsie joins us once again for our “Who Would Win In A Fight” segment(33:46) in which we debate Captain America vs Wolverine! Finally we cover New Avengers#8 (46:50) which is technically an Avengers: Standoff tie-in, but it’s awesome so we’re covering it anyway. Don’t miss this exciting episode!

Issues Covered:
Civil War II #0 – 3:31
Civil War II FCBD Issue – 21:50
New Avengers #8 – 46:50

Who Would Win in a Fight (feat @JamesGavsie) – 33:46

Episode 42 – Shields for Everyone

Welcome to the conclusion of Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill! The guys cover Captain America: Sam Wilson #7, in which we get some Captain America Sidekick team-up action! We also see Steve Rogers show that even as an old man, he can still be a hero, we see Maria Hill continue to suck, and we see that Crossbones has no problem picking fights with the elderly. This one also comes with a few surprises, including the return of an old enemy and an exciting twist at the end! In Captain America: Sam Wilson #8, Baron Zemo’s plans for Pleasant Hill and the reality-altering Kobik begin to bear fruit, Kraven the Hunter has an… interesting plan to get Zemo’s plans on track, and a bunch of Avengers show up for the fun! James Gavies joins us again to argue about Deadpool vs Batman before our final issue, and finally, in Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega, the Uncanny Avengers, All-New All-Different Avengers, SHIELD and the Howling Commandos get ready to face off against Zemo’s forces, trying to prevent him from using Kobik to rewrite reality in his own image. This is an exciting finale full of superhero fights, supervillain plots, and heavy repercussions for many characters in the marvel universe!

Issues Covered:
Captain America: Sam Wilson #7 – (00:40)
Captain America: Sam Wilson #8 – (22:57)
Avengers Standoff: Assault On Pleasant Hill Omega – (45:08)

Deadpool V Batman Debate with @JamesGavsie – (33:38)