Episode 43 – Civil War REMIX

Welcome to Episode 43 of ComicNoobs! This week, we kick off our coverage of Marvel’s cash gr- I mean, summer event: CIVIL WAR 2! The first issue we cover is Civil War II #0 (3:31), in which the board is set for what is shaping up to be a pretty damn big event. We’re introduced to a new Inhuman who can predict the future, we get a glimpse into what Captain Marvel wants most of all, and we see that She-Hulk really cares about civil liberties (go She-Hulk!). The next issue we cover is the Civil War II FCBD Issue (21:50). In this issue, Rhodey shows up to hang out with the Inhumans and Ultimates just in time to fight Thanos! We also VERY quickly cover the backup story in this one to talk about the new Wasp! Next James Gavsie joins us once again for our “Who Would Win In A Fight” segment(33:46) in which we debate Captain America vs Wolverine! Finally we cover New Avengers#8 (46:50) which is technically an Avengers: Standoff tie-in, but it’s awesome so we’re covering it anyway. Don’t miss this exciting episode!

Issues Covered:
Civil War II #0 – 3:31
Civil War II FCBD Issue – 21:50
New Avengers #8 – 46:50

Who Would Win in a Fight (feat @JamesGavsie) – 33:46


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