Game of Rants: Season Finale Recap

**This podcast contains content that is intended for a mature audience. Listener Discretion Advised.**

Welcome to the season finale of Game of Rants for Comicnoobs! In this episode Sobie chats with Caitlin Macatee and Comicnoobs producer Steve about the “Winds of Winter.” They jump into a recap about the Battle of the Bastards (4:30), Jon Snow as the new King of the North and how Sansa will play the game moving forward (13:30), they talk about Frey Pie’s and Arya’s grocery list (25:30), the beautiful first 20 minutes of the episode in King’s Landing (43:45), a quick look at the new alliance with Dany/Dorne/the Queen of Thorns and what’s next for them (56:15), and finally talk about the confirmation that was given in The Tower of Joy (1:00:25). Other things talked about in this episode include: The introduction of Wineboarding to frats across America, Creepyfinger, Scary Movie 2, Blanket, Cooking Hot Pie’s with Hot Pie, Chewbacca, Ghost getting the budget shaft, Caitlin losing her nerd card briefly, what if Ghost was Lil’ Sebastian, Steve gets shamed, and who the heck is running Storm’s End and the Stormlands!

Check out Caitlin on Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr @thatCmonsterand subscribe to her YouTube channel at Cmonstercomics!

Check out Comicnoobs on Twitter @comicnoobsshow and our website!

Our Theme Music was “America F*ck Yeah (Game of Thrones Version) by Erock and Jonathan Young. Check out Erock’s YouTube channel at 331erock or his website


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