Episode 39 – Rogue-Rage

Welcome to the penultimate episode covering the 90s mega-event: The Age of Apocalypse. This week we cover the final issue of each of the tie-in books we’ve been reading. First in Generation Next, the team is able to rescue Illyana, but they have to face off with Sugar Man and all his cronies before they can escape. In Astonishing X-Men, Blink goes up against Holocaust to get revenge for Sabretooth while Rogue, Morph and Sunfire fight off the army of infinites. In Amazing X-Men, the team heads to Canada to take on the Apocalypse-worshiping Church of the Madri, while The Abyss makes a comeback and Storm tries to rescue Bishop. All of this sets the stage for the final confrontation against Apocalypse next week! Don’t miss it!

Issues Covered:
Generation Next #4
Astonishing X-Men #4
Amazing X-Men #4


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