SobieCast #2 – May Movie Preview

In the second SobieCast, Sobie talks with the tallest movie critic he knows about all of the May movies that will be coming out. Drew and Sobie dish out their thoughts about Captain America: Civil War (4:13), the insane casting in Money Maker (15:55), a movie about a haunted Grand Canyon in The Darkness (20:47), the hopes that Angry Birds is a drama (24:37), if Neighbors 2 is just a Knocked Up sequel (28:06), how Russell Crowe is punching his way back into the industry (35:58), how unnecessary the new Alice Through the Looking Glass movie is (42:15), all of the small indie type movies coming to bigger theaters (45:11), and talk about how they are hesitant but hopeful about the new X:Men Apocalypse movie (60:00). Other references in this episode include: The Beaver, Inside Stuff, Lizzie Maguire, everything Braceface, a heated debate about breakfast cereals, the joys of making fun of kitty litter spokeswoman Katherine Heigl, LL Cool J performing ‘Doin It’ on the VMAs, #bootyjams, and Jude Law’s promiscuity. Enjoy episode 2!


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