SobieCast Ep 1 Part 1: Is Meereen Basically Florida?

Welcome to the very first SobieCast! We decided to give Sobie his own show and hope that he doesn’t wreck our main show in the process. This week Sobie talks about the new season of Game of Thrones with his guest Stephanie Persephone. There was so much material we broke it into two parts. In the first part they talk about what our friends across Westeros and Essos are up to and hopes and predictions for the new season including some book talk. Guest stars this week include: Stephanie’s cat Hermione, Steph’s loud neighbors, a flock of Canadian geese, Nature, and an Earring that Sobie wouldn’t stop playing with. Also referenced in this episode: The Addams Family, Deadwood, West Virginia, Honest Trailers, Weezer, and Dothraki Retirement Homes. Enjoy the first part of the first SobieCast!!


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