GUEST POST: Rogue’s Powers Are So Weird & She Terrifies Me


This is a guest post by the amazing Beatrice “Bee” of JazzHandsComics, which is an awesome Tumblr blog full of comics related bad-assery. We were having a discussion on twitter (go follow her @jazzhandscomics !) about whether Rogue of the X-Men could absorb One-Punch Man’s powers. Apparently, she put a lot more thought in than I did.

Let’s begin with the fact that I’m not SUPER familiar with One Punch Man, but I’m very, very familiar with the X-Men.

So, at the question of whether or not Rogue would be able to absorb Saitama’s “powers”, I started researching two main points:

1. The nature of Saitama’s incredible strength,

2. Rogue’s fitness and how her powers work.

What Wikipedia tells me about One Punch Man is that Saitama trained every day for three years with a daily workout routine of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10 kilometer run. Now, that’s a good if a bit uneven workout regime, but definitely not enough to obliterate planets (as he’s shown to be able to do). I do that three times a week and I can maybe punch a very weak baby. Not that I would punch a very weak baby, that would be just wrong.

He however has strength and speed much above the natural limits of human physiology, which we can conclude are not a result of simple training.

During the series, the following theories about his abilities have been made (source Wikipedia):

a. All living creatures have natural limiters and Saitama’s strength is due to the fact he somehow removed his own,

b. Saitama has some sort of supernatural power that awakened when he decided to become a hero,

c. “According to Genos, Saitama’s true potential does not lie within his appearance, but in the way he did his best on training himself to become a true superhero caused him to receive his own super strength after three years of training for a greater good, which is the reason why most of many heroes and civilians who came across with him during his battle with the villains, praise not only his ability, but also his pure heroic deeds.”

In case (b), it’s just a regular superpower, defying any logic or reason, and in that case it would be really easy for Rogue to absorb. She does that all the time.

The interesting cases are (a) and (c), the source of Saitama’s strength is partially due to a good fitness level but mostly due to his attitude, world view and personality.

We know that when Rogue loses her powers, she’s still a very proficient athlete and martial artist, which would definitely come in handy to apply Saitama’s fighting techniques. Her body is able to adapt to any superpower she absorbs, without destroying itself (her organs don’t go splat if she has superspeed, her tendons don’t snap if she has superstrength, etc.), which would make for her a perfectly reasonable thing to create tidal waves with her punch without dying. But the other important thing to understand about Rogue, is that she absorbs personalities and memories too, mantaining her individuality but incorporating in herself these new things. Therefore, if it’s just a “mental thing”, she can definitely absorb it and use. If she were to touch Shang-Chi, she would gain great kung-fu skills and experiences. This is similar, but to a much greater scale.

Of course, there’s always the option that Saitama’s abilities come from an entirely different source that can’t be simply absorbed and ultimately what would happen is that she would be able to or not according to what the plot demands.

In conclusion: Rogue could probably absorb Saitama’s powers and that’s terrifying.


Thank you so much for the excellent article, Bee! Make sure anyone reading out there subscribes to  jazzhandscomics on Tumblr and follows Bee @Jazzhandscomics on twitter for more amazing, geeky content like this!


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