Episode 13 – Alien Space Goo

Secret Wars 7 is finally out and it is freaking awesome! Hickman’s writing and Esad Ribic’s art shine as we find out what happens as the army of The Prophet arrives at Doom’s doorstep, and the results of some of the tie-in books have serious repercussions for God-Emperor Doom! We also jump into the first issues of three of the amazing All-New All-Different titles: Invincible Iron-Man, in which Tony goes on a date and runs into a surprise in Latveria. Extraordinary X-Men in which it kinda sucks to be a mutant (what else is new?). And finally Guardians of the Galaxy, in which Kitty Pryde is the new Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon is a smartass and Peter Quill is bored off his ass!

Links I promised in Episode 13



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