Episode 11 – The One with Tons of Explosions!

Yeah, we know we released episode 11 after episode 12. But it’s our show, so if you don’t like it, do like comic fans do an complain loudly on the internet! This episode is a bit longer than our usual episodes, but we make up for it with tons of explosions, cool sound effects, and general awesomeness. We cover fan-favorite MODOK Assassin with issue #5, finishing that series off and we find out what happens with the star-crossed lovers, MODOK and Lady-Thor! We also find out the fate of Arcadia with A-Force #4 and #5, and find out what happens when the traitor of A-Force is caught! (Spoiler alert: Awesome super-heroine fights, that’s what) We also check out Avengers #0, which is a prequel to all of the new Avengers books coming out in 2015/2016 for the All-New All-Different Marvel lineup! Enjoy the show!



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