Episode 7 – She-Hulkamania!

Welcome to Episode 7 of ComicNoobs! This is a great episode packed with awesome characters and great comics! We continue our coverage of Old Man Logan, as he fights his way through the Deadlands of Battleworld as the most kickass AARP member ever to cash a social security check in Old Man Logan #4. We also start a new Secret Wars tie-in, A-Force! This awesome team of Super-Heroines kick ass and take names as their domain is threatened by monsters from throughout Battleworld! We also head back to the land of the Hulks in Planet Hulk #3, as Barbarian Captain America and his trusty Tyrannosaur try to save Bucky Barnes!
Intro’d in this episode are She-Hulk, Dazzler, Ms. America, Atlantians, Medusa, Sentinels, and Battleworld’s version of Manhattan!


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