Episode 5 and a Half – Where’s Wolvie?

Welcome to a special episode of ComicNoobs! This week Sobie, Steve and Kevin break down the many new titles that Marvel will be releasing under their “All-New All-Different” line in the next few months. We’re a bit off on the dates, because Marvel has had some delays shipping their new comics, but the first of the new books will be released on October 7th, including Iron Man and Dr. Strange. Hit us up on Twitter (@comicnoobsshow), Facebook (comic noobs) or email (comicnoobspodcast@gmail.com) with questions about the new titles, to let us know which books you’re most excited about, or to smack talk at us! Enjoy!

A few editor’s notes:

  1. The release dates for several of these comics is incorrect in the podcast, as there were shipping delays we were unaware of.
  2. This week, they announced an ongoing X-Men ’92 title written by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims with art by Alti Firmansyah, and we are SUPER FREAKING PUMPED ABOUT IT!!! Check it out here!
  3. The controversy surrounding the Red Wolf title is a result of the the alleged history of the writer Nathan Edmonson, not around the race of the writer. I apologize for this mistake.
  4. Also, there’s a new Moon Knight title coming out that was announced since the recording. I’m also pretty pumped Moon Knight is coming back. For anyone not familiar with Moon-Knight, he is Marvel’s Batman.

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